Entry #4

The Rapture Turkey

2008-12-03 22:56:53 by jibbodahibbo

So, Tom Fulp. the fulpinator master of newbgrounds. Said

"If you're bored over Thanksgiving break, here's a theme: Turkeys and the Rapture.

If you make a Turkey Rapture movie over the break, submit it on MONDAY. This isn't a spam event, so go all out or don't go at all. I'll highlight the best of Monday in a post on Tuesday. Only do this if you have nothing else to do over Thanksgiving break."

Now most people overlooked this and said, "I don't need to do anything from Tom, what has he done for me"
Fortunately I and a few others were in the spirit of giving, over the thanksgiving weekend and we graced Tom with our Rapture Turkey based flash's


The Rapture Turkey


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2009-03-31 15:40:05

That cat looks like my cat.